Metalium Building Sheets

About Royal Metalloids

Metalium, one of the leading and most sought-after roofing sheets in South India, is delighted to introduce the latest and revolutionary colour coated roofing sheets. Aluminium roofing sheets are thermally insulated roofing sheets excellent for use a high-grade roofing material for high-grade purposes. It regulates heat, is resistant against weather corrosion and chemical corrosion, with high tensile strength and superb sound insulation. The special Aluminium coating is highly anti-weathering engineered resin material that guarantees colour protection for long years, with first-time colour quality. Metalium For Long-Lasting COLOR & STRENGTH

Prepainted steel & Aluminium are the Future. We supply themin coil form or performed in our standard.Profile as per customer requirement some typical applications could be: Trapezoidal and Sinusoidal Profiles,Roofing and Cladding /Door/Window Frame and shutter, Sandwich Panels,Airport Hangar,Architectural Roofing and Cladding, Compound Wall appiances such as washing machine,Refrigerator,Microwave oven, Toaster,Steel Cuborad,Wardrobe,Shelving,Steel Trunk,Kitchen platform, Cabinet,Table top,False Ceiling,Pegeon Hole Rack,Filling Cabinet,Rail and Luxury Coach interiors,Truck Cab/Locomotive Interiors,Dashboard,Seat back,VenetialBlinds,Name/Sin Board.Doarding Board,Ventilation Louver,Electric meter casing.Dials,Electrical control panels cans & containers etc.

Comparison Chart

Low durabilityLow durability4 times better durability
Heavy LightweightLightweight
Absorbs light and heatGood reflectivity of light and heatGood reflectivity of light and heat
Low malleabilityLow malleabilityExcellent malleability
Not recyclableEconomically recyclableEconomically recyclable
Medium PricingHigh Pricing40% low price compare with aluminium